Period Pain Workshop

Period Pain Workshop

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Ever feel like you are literally going to die from Period Pain?

You might be in the 8 out of 10 people who suffer regularly from period pain and just feel like the month sucks or perhaps you even dread it before it arrives.


Well this workshop is for you!


I've created 5 weeks of pure magic to eliminate your period pain.

For less than €10 a week you can completely remove Period Pain from your life.

These 5 workshops are delivered over videos, downloadable packs and recordings to help you define when and how your period pain appears, pin point the stressors and then eliminate it with practical advice and tips.

Week 1 is the basic foundation. You'll learn why period pain happens, what aggravates it, the hormonal balance that we walk every month.

Week 2 dives into the practical with a series of foods to eat and includes 3 recipes that will help regulate hormones, keep your mood and energy high as well as supporting your body.

Week 3 sees Movement sequences - I've recorded 3 different routines for you to use in the week leading up to and the week of your period which will help infuse your body with oxygen allowing those muscles to stay loose and open.

Week 4 is all about mediation and how using the powerful influence of your breath we can work with out body to support ourselves emotionally.

Week 5 is an EFT tapping sequence designed just for you where I'll use the energy points on your body to help you release your pain.

All of the above for just €35! 

Still unsure that this course is for you? If you could eliminate or even radically reduce period pain for ever, wouldn't you try? Why suffer anymore than you have too. Period Pain is not normal so let's release it forever.

Join me now.